Who Is Gary M Kaplan?

­Since the beginning of his educational training, Gary M Kaplan has stayed true to a culture of excellence and integrity. He finished his undergraduate studies at Nova Southeastern University in Fort-Lauderdale-Davie, Florida. He then went on earn two Master’s degrees: Master in Accounting (earned in 1997 from Nova Southeastern University), and Master of Science in Taxation (earned in 2000 at Florida International University).

Gary M Kaplan became a Certified Public Accountant in March 1997 and has been practicing as a CPA ever since. That is a total of 16 years of professional service as a CPA. He is presently a state-licensed CPA in five states: Florida, New York, Maryland, Utah, and Washington D.C.

More than just being a CPA, Gary M Kaplan is also a professional and service-oriented businessman. The purpose and mission of his business is to provide individuals and business entities of various sizes with the highest caliber of accounting services. Gary M Kaplan also believes in the value of educating the youth and others in the art and science of accounting. He has previously served the Florida Atlantic University as an Adjunct Professor of Accounting. He also occasionally delivers accounting lectures at St. Thomas University School of Law.

In spite of his various professional affiliations, Gary M Kaplan is first and foremost a dedicated accountant. He specializes in several of the most rigorous sub-fields of accounting. Specifically, Gary M Kaplan has extensive experience in the subfields of tax preparation, business accounting, forensic accounting, financial reporting, cash projections, budget analysis, compilations and reviews, bookkeeping and payroll management, and IRS and state audits.